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General Judaica

Beautify the Mitzvot we do on a daily basis with one of our wooden, sticker or beading kits. We have something for every age & Mitzvah.

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  • Shabbos

    Our Shabbos crafts range from Kiddush to Havdalah, from Hadlakas Neiros to Bentching. Use these gorgeous crafts to enhance your Shabbat table & home.

  • Brachos

    What is a better way to remind your child or student to make a Bracha than with one of our handy crafts? We have projects for the different Brachos across the board.

  • Yerushalayim

    Bring the yearning for the Holy City of Yerushalayim to life with our one-of-a-kind projects. Hand crafted from high quality wood, beautiful enough to grace your dining room walls.

  • Other Judaica

    The world of Mitzvos is so vast, we have amazing wood crafts to enhance the Mitzvot you keep daily. From the practical Tzedakka box to the adorable Mitzva note holder. From the classic Tefilas Haderech to the Blessing on Food, we've got you covered.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items